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May 2023
Capita data breach concept image. Image of the Capita website with a magnifying glass in front of it magnifying the Capita symbol.
Last month, it was reported that Capita, the outsourcing and professional services specialist and government contractor, suffered a cyber-attack in March. Originally, it was stated that customer, supplier or colleague data may have been accessed. Recent developments have found that the attack was carried out by the Russian hacking group, Black Basta, who have since leaked Capita...
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Image of a blue screen full on numbers and letters with the words 'CYBER ATTACK' written in neon red, behind the screen is a hooded man
The UK’s cyber security agency has warned that an increase in ‘hackers for hire’, which is set to grow even further over the next five years, will pose a growing threat to organisations and individuals all over the world. It’s stated that it will lead to an increase in cyber-attacks and increasingly unpredictable threats. According...
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The head of the Republic campaign group has called for an inquiry into officers’ conduct after protestors arrested at the Coronation this weekend were later released without charge. On Saturday, Metropolitan police officers arrested six anti-monarchy protestors in London before the Coronation. The leader of the anti-monarchy group, Graham Smith, was among the six arrested,...
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