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February 2024
A close-up image of a police car's police sign and siren on the roof of a car.
In January of this year, The Guardian’s exclusive interview with the chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), Gavin Stephens, made headlines. Stephens is currently the most senior serving leader to declare that policing is ‘institutionally racist’ and has, therefore, called for a redesign of policies and practises throughout the country to address the...
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Brain injury claims concept image, 5 surgeons in a hospital conducting surgery on a patient.
A brain injury can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your life. It can lead to significant physical and cognitive impairments that will require ongoing management, something that both you and your loved ones may find challenging to adapt to. But with the right support, you can continue to live a full and flourishing...
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A picture of surgeons and nurses conducting surgery on a patient.
The prospect of suffering a serious injury is something most of us would prefer not to consider. Unfortunately, however, it is not something we can simply choose to ignore. None of us can be certain that we or our loved ones will not have to confront this tragic possibility at some point in our lives....
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A former Lancashire Police officer has been handed a 16-year sentence for attempted murder after a vicious attack on his ex-girlfriend. Judge Patrick Field described the culprit, James Riley, as having acted in a “jealous rage” after he discovered the victim, Ellie Moxham, was planning to begin a new relationship. Riley, who was a serving...
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A picture of a surgery taking place on someone in a hospital. Several surgeons in blue gowns are surrounding a person on the bed, in the forefront of the image are surgical tools.
Catastrophic injuries can have a profound and long-lasting impact on your life. Alongside the many physical consequences, they can also lead to life-changing mental and emotional issues, as well as financial challenges. Thankfully, those who have to face the devastating impact of a catastrophic injury do not have to manage without support. If you were...
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