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Police car lights at night time infront of lit up building
In recent years, distrust in the police has grown, almost reaching a fever point last year after the murder of Sarah Everard by Wayne Couzens, a Met police officer, and the tone-deaf mismanagement of the vigil that followed. A YouGov poll from late 2021 found that almost half of all people surveyed had lost faith...
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The police are tangled in countless policy documents, regulations and legislation, dictating how they can and cannot behave. However, despite an abundance of guidance, they aren’t error-free. On occasion, this leads to the mistreatment of the public they are there to protect. As a result, they may wish to file a complaint against the police....
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Discovering that your personal information has been manipulated, stolen or lost in a data protection breach is upsetting and stressful. Determining what was taken, by whom, where your data is now, and what impact it will have on your life isn’t a pleasant experience. However, with this simple guide, finding out what your next steps...
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A man is typing on a laptop. A graphic contain a locked icon and the words "Data Protection" are overlaid on the image.
When you give your personal information to an organisation, whether that’s an employer, the NHS, an airline, or a bank, they are expected to guard those details against becoming public knowledge. The Data Protection Act (2018) states that any company or public body that stores sensitive information must do so responsibly, and any failure to oblige can...
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Image of a keyboard with a malicious prosecution button about to be pressed
It is an unfortunate effect of the legal system that occasionally, someone may find themselves wrongfully accused of a crime or, through some mistake or failing on the part of the prosecutor, even arrested or imprisoned. While this can be devastating to the victim, it can often be the result of a mistake rather than...
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Image of a screen with a red open email symbol next to two blue closed email symbols
The General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR, was brought in across Europe in 2018 and updated in 2021 in the UK to maintain national legal jurisdiction, referred to as the UK-GDPR. The law itself is concerned with the ‘processing of personal data’ and seeks to protect the rights of the individual as pertaining to the...
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Man sat at a desk in front of a silver laptop with his head in the hands, looking distressed
In an ever more digitised world, our personal information and in particular its security, takes on an increased significance. Despite rapid technological advancements, and the best efforts of stakeholders, the quickly changing digital landscape creates vast challenges when it comes to safeguarding information. In simple terms, a data breach can be defined as any event...
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medical data breach concept image, a stethoscope lying on a laptop keyboard
GP surgeries, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, opticians and other medical organisations hold very personal information about their patients. The sensitive patient information you provide must be kept up to date and stored safely so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands and it is the medical service provider’s responsibility to do this. While this is...
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UK police stand surveying train station for blog about compensation for damage caused by police.
If you’re wondering how to claim compensation for damage caused by police, HNK Solicitors have a detailed breakdown of what to expect. HNK have extensive experience dealing with civil actions against the police and winning clients the compensation they deserve. The police are responsible for enforcing the law, preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities, and...
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General Data Protection Regulation sign with padlock symbol and eu stars for blog about types of data breaches.
Every day we encounter technology that uses our personal data. Whether it’s on our Facebook profiles, making payments on Amazon or entering our home address into Deliveroo. There are so many reasons we may give out our personal information consensually, but this means we are also susceptible to the many different types of data breaches...
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