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medical data breach concept image, a stethoscope lying on a laptop keyboard
GP surgeries, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, opticians and other medical organisations hold very personal information about their patients. The sensitive patient information you provide must be kept up to date and stored safely so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands and it is the medical service provider’s responsibility to do this. While this is...
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UK police stand surveying train station for blog about compensation for damage caused by police.
If you’re wondering how to claim compensation for damage caused by police, HNK Solicitors have a detailed breakdown of what to expect. HNK have extensive experience dealing with civil actions against the police and winning clients the compensation they deserve. The police are responsible for enforcing the law, preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities, and...
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General Data Protection Regulation sign with padlock symbol and eu stars for blog about types of data breaches.
Every day we encounter technology that uses our personal data. Whether it’s on our Facebook profiles, making payments on Amazon or entering our home address into Deliveroo. There are so many reasons we may give out our personal information consensually, but this means we are also susceptible to the many different types of data breaches...
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Woman in street looks at her phone with face pixelated for blog about What constitutes misuse of data?
Everyday we use technology, from social media to downloading apps, we’re agreeing to the provider’s use of our data. But it can often be hard to understand what constitutes misuse of data, like when or how they can use our data, since the ‘terms of use’ are often dense and challenging to process. However, they...
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Met police stop and search man for blog about do you have to tell police your name in the UK?
It can be confusing what powers police have on the street and whether you have to give out personal information when asked. In previous case studies, we’ve discussed the certain procedures police must go through when performing a stop and search, but today we’ll answer the question ‘do you have to tell police your name...
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Armed officers await entry of residential house in blog about can police enter your home in the uk?
It goes without saying that you should feel safe in your own home. We put things into place to ensure our safety all the time, from CCTV and interactive doorbells to intruder alarms. But nothing can prepare us for law enforcement entering a property without our consent. It’s important to know when can police enter...
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Female detective questions male in dark room for blog post about 'can you refuse a police interview in the UK?'
One major question that comes up when someone is invited to a police interview is ‘can you refuse a police interview in England and Wales?’ If you have been asked to attend a voluntary interview with the police, you may be wondering exactly what it is, what you need to do to protect yourself and...
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Blue light flashes on top of car with police in background for a blog outlining do you have to stop for an unmarked police car
Being flashed by an unmarked car can be a worrying experience. Sometimes there’s no way of seeing who is in the car, or maybe you’re in a secluded area and don’t feel safe stopping. You may wonder do you have to stop for an unmarked police car, even when you can’t see who is driving....
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Police arresting a young man for blog explaining what do police say when they arrest you
The Miranda warning (or Miranda rights) is the first thing you think of when wondering “what do police say when they arrest you?” However, this is the US version of what we know as the police caution. In the UK, we have similar laws when it comes to your rights to remain silent. This is also known...
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Image of a man working on a laptop with various padlock icons to indicate a data breach on blog about can data be shared without permission.
Discovering that your personal information has been shared without your permission can be deeply upsetting. In the case of more sensitive information, the impact of such an incident can be significant and long-lasting, affecting your health, your financial situation, and your personal relationships. Unfortunately, this is a prospect we all have to be concerned about...
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