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A picture of a surgery taking place on someone in a hospital. Several surgeons in blue gowns are surrounding a person on the bed, in the forefront of the image are surgical tools.
Catastrophic injuries can have a profound and long-lasting impact on your life. Alongside the many physical consequences, they can also lead to life-changing mental and emotional issues, as well as financial challenges. Thankfully, those who have to face the devastating impact of a catastrophic injury do not have to manage without support. If you were...
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Up close picture of a lit up laptop half closed.
The prospect of having your personal information exposed in a data breach is a worrying one. The consequences of losing control of your data can be serious, ranging from identity fraud and financial losses to reputational damage. Thankfully, there are a number of regulations in place to help protect your personal data. These regulations –...
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Picture of an open padlock on a keyboard
Data breaches can have enormous consequences for those affected. If your sensitive personal data ends up in the wrong hands, it can lead to anything from financial losses to reputational damage and even mental health issues. This is part of the reason why we’re seeing such large fines being issued against organisations that do not...
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A raised fist of a protestor at a political demonstration
Last year, the Police, Crime and Sentencing Act was enshrined into UK law, and serious concerns were raised about how it could impact people’s right to protest. In the face of seemingly rising activism across the country, from the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 to Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion’s protests more recently,...
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Image of a police interview. A woman police officer is interviewing a male who is holding his head in his hands. The officer is pointing to a picture on the table.
Getting arrested by the police can be a daunting and stressful experience. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in such a situation, a good understanding of your personal rights, and the legal processes that should, but crucially do not always, follow an arrest can help to minimise the emotional impact. The police interview...
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An image of lady justice statue on a desk in from of a solicitor who is in the background on a mobile phone and writing in a notebook,
When it comes to pursuing justice in cases of misconduct or wrongdoing by the police, having the right legal guidance and support is crucial. This article will detail the importance of using police complaints solicitors in your action against the police claim. From understanding the difference between a police complaint and a claim against the...
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Arnold Clark Showroom
  Arnold Clark suffered a huge data breach at the end of 2022, which affected thousands of customers’ data. If you have been the victim of the Arnold Clark data breach, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Thousands of people affected have already signed up to group class action claims in what may become...
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Picture of blue and white police tape, behind in the background slightly blurred is three police officers wearing high-vis vests stood on the street.
A robust and diligent police investigation is vital for upholding justice and ensuring the fair treatment of individuals involved in criminal cases. However, there may be instances where the police fail to conduct a thorough investigation, potentially resulting in significant consequences for victims and the justice system as a whole. This article will explore the...
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Picture of the back of a police officer wearing a high-visibility vest saying 'Police' on the back
Instances of police brutality are a cause for concern, as they undermine public trust in law enforcement and violate individuals’ rights. If you have been a victim of police brutality in the UK, it is essential to understand your rights and the avenues available for seeking justice and compensation. This article will provide some introductory...
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Image of the Ministry of Justice sign and Crown Prosecution Service sign
Research from the NSPCC suggests that around half a million children in the UK suffer abuse every year. However, it’s widely acknowledged that child abuse is vastly underreported — minors don’t feel empowered to come forward, are too scared to speak up, or sadly, don’t realise they are being abused. Claiming compensation for a child can be...
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