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Why Should I Use A Solicitor For My Criminal Injuries Claim?

What is a Criminal Injury Claim?

If you have been the innocent victim of a violent crime, then you can within your own right make a criminal injury claim for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. This claim can be made alongside any criminal prosecution of the attacker.

You do not have to instruct a solicitor to handle your criminal injury compensation claim, however, there are several benefits to doing so. Here are 6 very good reasons to do so.

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Why should you use a solicitor to make your CICA claim?

1. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority often reject claims

Many criminal injury compensation claims are rejected, often incorrectly due to technicalities. It is often hard for victims to know whether their application has been rejected fairly or not, without the assistance of a legal advisor. With the aid of solicitors by your side, fighting your case, you will have a higher chance of your claim being correctly accepted and compensation offered, first time round.

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2. The compensation that you receive might not be enough

For those who have had their claim accepted and compensation offered, often the amount they are awarded is insufficient for the injuries they have suffered. Victims are often unsure about how much compensation they deserve or are entitled to and without advice from solicitors, it is hard to know if the amount they received is too little. Expert CICA solicitors will ensure you get every penny you are entitled to. HNK Solicitors can also help you apply for a review of your CICA claim, or launch an appeal if you feel the decision the CICA has made is not correct.

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3. They will stick to the timelines of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

The CICA often require a lot of correspondence and have very strict time frames for responses. Many people find this overwhelming and are unsure how to collect the information they need and to respond in time, so it can be a lot easier to leave it to a solicitor who can deal with these matters for you. An expert CICA solicitor, like HNK Solicitors, will be able to communicate with the CICA on your behalf, collect all the information needed to support your claim, and respond promptly.

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4. Expert advice you can trust

If you have chosen to seek legal representation for your criminal injury’s compensation claim, we advise choosing to use a solicitor with CICA experience as they will be able to provide expert advice that you can trust. Claims management companies often charge a similar rate to solicitors but are less likely to have the expert knowledge needed to handle your case successfully.

At HNK solicitors, our lawyers are multi-disciplined and have versatile experience across all claim’s cases. We have a team of experienced CICA solicitors who have many years’ experience handling CICA claims for a variety of different clients, who have successfully helped them gain the compensation they deserve. When taking on individual cases, we will approach it with sensitivity, professionalism and with the utmost responsibility to getting the correct outcome for you, as our priority.

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5. Having a solicitor will take the pressure off yourself

Completing a criminal injuries claim can be quite complicated due to the tight timeframes set and the slow process. It can also be incredibly distressing because you will have to be reminded of the troubling ordeal you encountered. Having a solicitor to handle your case can take this weight off your shoulders and provide emotional separation to make the process less distressing, as we have the victim’s interest as our priority. You will also have access to a source of level-headed advice.

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6. You’ll have legal protection when using a solicitor

Anyone who is practising as a solicitor must be registered with the SRA (Solicitor’s Regulation Authority). What should be noted, is that some legal work does not require practitioners to be regulated whatsoever, despite many people believing that all lawyers are regulated. As a victim wanting someone to help with their case, choosing a solicitor who is regulated comes with a number of benefits. Solicitors will have to meet certain standards and have consumer protections in place. They will have a code of conduct they must stick to and the qualifications and training required to help clients receive the correct compensation.

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HNK Solicitors can help you with your Criminal Injuries Claim

HNK Solicitors have a team of expert CICA solicitors who can help you pursue your criminal injuries compensation claim. We understand these claims can be emotionally challenging but we do everything we can to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible for you. We are here to support you every step of the way. If you need help with your criminal injuries compensation claim, visit our criminal injuries compensation page, or speak to one of CICA claims team on 0151 668 0816, or email us at

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have enquiries regarding your eligibility.

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