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Product Liability

Product Liability

If you have suffered an injury or serious damage to your property because of a faulty product in the past three years, you could be entitled to compensation. Under law, if a product causes injury that was not down to misuse, the person injured has the right to make a claim for compensation against the manufacturer or retailers responsible.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 was brought into English law to provide rights and protection to consumers who buy goods and services. When a product is sold to consumers, it must be safe for its intended use. This legislation, therefore, protects individuals who have been injured by a defective product if it can be proven that the product was defective and that it was responsible for the injuries sustained.

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A faulty product is any product that causes injury to a person due to faulty labelling, a design defect or defective manufacturing. Even if you did not buy the faulty product yourself, you can still make a claim. In these cases, the manufacturer of the product is usually liable for any injuries or losses suffered by the consumer.

HNK has a team of expert solicitors who have extensive experience in successfully representing consumers who have been injured or suffered serious damage to their property because of faulty products. We fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve and we even offer a no-win, no-fee service.

Examples of defective products

Here at HNK Solicitors, we have a team of solicitors who are experienced in dealing with defective product cases in the following areas:


  • Metal on metal hip implants
  • Cosmetic implants – e.g. lip fillers, breast implants
  • Contraceptive devices
  • Faulty home appliances – microwaves, fridge/freezers, washing machines
  • Household furniture – toxic sofa burns, faulty chairs
  • Cosmetic products – hair dye, hair styling products, skincare products
  • Faulty E-cigarettes
  • Faulty hoverboards

What you can claim for

Injuries sustained as a result of defective products can range from minor rashes as a result of faulty skincare products, burns or cuts to serious burns following allergic reactions to hair dye products, broken bones, life-long injuries, and even fatalities. You can even claim to damage to property for example, if a faulty hoverboard or home appliance catches fire and burns down your home.


You can also claim for any expenses you have incurred in relation to your accident, such as loss of earnings due to having to take time off work, the cost of medication or rehabilitation, the costs of travel to and from medical appointments and even the costs of having to stay somewhere else if your house is uninhabitable.

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How we can help

If you have been injured or suffered damage to property due to a faulty product in the past 3 years, we can seek compensation on your behalf.

HNK has a team of experienced solicitors who are experts in claiming compensation for product liability, who will fight your case for you and ensure you are adequately compensated for your injuries and subsequent losses.

Free Consultation

Contact HNK for your free no-obligation consultation either over the phone, by email or face to face. Our team is happy to assess your claim and provide advice on how best to pursue it.


We offer a no-win, no-fee agreement which means it costs you nothing upfront to start your claim and if your claim is not successful, you won’t have to pay a penny.

Client Communication

We fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve, supporting you every step of the way and will regularly keep you updated throughout the process.

Is there a time limit on when I can claim?

When making a defective product claim, Court proceedings must be issued within 3 years of the date of injury. Failing to claim within this time will cause the claim to be ‘statute barred’ or disallowed. If, however, you suffered an injury that happened more than 3 years ago, you may still be entitled to claim if you found out the injury was caused by the defective product within the last 3 years.

What should I do if I’ve been injured by a defective product?

If you have been injured by a defective product to ensure your safety and help your case you should:

• Firstly, seek medical attention and ensure your injuries are treated.
• Report the dangerous or defective product as soon as possible to the manufacturer responsible.
• If you own the product you should keep hold of the faulty product, if safe, as it may need testing at a later date. Also, if you have the receipts for the product make sure you keep hold of these as well.
• If you have been injured by a product that is not owned by you, take pictures of the product and make sure you tell the owner about the defect and that it has caused you injury. This will ensure no one else is injured by it.
• Try to take photographs of the product defect, any warning labels, serial numbers, make and model numbers or instructions as this can be useful as evidence at a later date

Who is liable?

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of products have a duty to ensure that the product is safe for use. They should implement rigorous testing to ensure it will not cause harm to anyone using it.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 states that “where any damage is caused wholly or partly by a defect in a product, every person who produced the product, put his name to the product or imported the product… shall be liable for the damage.”
A product can be defective if:

• It does not do what it is supposed to do when you purchase it. It is often difficult to tell that the product is broken until after it is in use, and then it is usually too late.
• It has a design defect. This means the product may do what it is supposed to but there is an element that is designed badly which causes risk. This can be a handle on a pan for example that gets extremely hot and causes a burn.
• There are insufficient warnings on the product or sufficient instructions for its safe use are not provided. For example, if a product does not tell you that you need safety equipment prior to use or doesn’t tell you how to use the product correctly which leads to injury.

How much can I claim for?

How much you can claim in compensation for a defective product will depend on a variety of factors including:

• The extent of your injury or damage to property
• Current or future loss of earnings from being unable to attend work
• Medical expenses or travel expenses you have paid
• How much pain and suffering you have endured
• Whether any modifications are needed to your home
• Your care and support needs – now and in the future

For more information on how much you will be able to claim, contact HNK Solicitors and we will be able to assess your case and provide more detailed advice and information

How much will it cost me to make a claim?

Nothing upfront. HNK offers a no-win-no-fee service to people with cases who hold prospects of success. Under the terms of this agreement, you will not have to pay our fees if you lose your case, and will only have to pay a small percentage if you win and are awarded compensation.

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    Paul Wright
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