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Data Breach Claims

Data Breach Claims

You could be entitled to make a data breach claim if you have been the victim of a data breach. A data breach can be very distressing, causing emotional and financial damage to those affected. Making a data breach claim can help you to get the compensation that can support you in moving past the incident and recovering any potential losses suffered as a result of the data breach.

HNK Solicitors are experts in helping people to make data breach claims. Our data breach specialist solicitors have years of experience successfully helping clients secure compensation after suffering a data breach. We hold public bodies and private companies to account and obtain compensation for victims of data breaches. 

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Am I eligible to make a data breach claim?

Under The Data Protection Act 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Human Rights Act 1998, you have the right to have your private and personal information kept private. This means, by law, any public body or private company that collects sensitive data from people have to keep it safe and store the data responsibly. They can be prosecuted and fined if they do not do so.

If you’ve had your personal and private information breached by a company or organisation, you could be eligible to make a data breach claim. Data breaches can lead to many problems for an individual, including identity fraud, financial losses, or reputational damage. Any personal data that a company holds about you can be breached. This includes your name, contact information, address, national insurance number, date of birth, personal health information, medical records, financial information, employment records, criminal records, and more.

The GDPR regulations allow you to file a data breach claim if you suspect your data has been compromised and if a company has caused harm or distress by violating the UK data protection act in any way.

What can I make a data breach claim for?

You can be entitled to claim compensation for:


  • Misuse of private information
  • Loss of control of data
  • Breach of confidence
  • Financial Loss
  • Damage
  • Distress
  • Human rights breaches

The amount you can claim depends on your particular case, but you could be owed thousands if your data has been breached. HNK Solicitors can assess your case individually and advise you on what compensation you could be entitled to.

What is a data breach?

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018, companies who control your data have a duty to you to secure and retain data lawfully with regard to risk. A breach of data protection can occur when an organisation:


  • Fails to protect your data from unlawful access/disclosure
  • Fails to take security measures to protect your data from the risk of hackers or thieves
  • Fails to process your data fairly or accurately
  • Uses data outside its stated purpose
  • Fails to keep your data up to date or relevant
  • Stores inaccurate or out-of-date information
  • Makes confidential data public

If you find any of the above has been committed against you and your data, you could be entitled to make a data breach claim. A data breach claim can be filed against a company, or a group of defendants. The law states you can claim compensation for both financial damages and non-material damages such as emotional distress.

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HNK Solicitors secure £7,000 in data breach claim against Cheshire Council East

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How HNK Solicitors can help with your data breach claim

If you have been the victim of a data breach, you could be entitled to make a data breach claim, and HNK Solicitors can help with this process. We have a team of expert data breach claim solicitors with years of experience helping clients secure thousands of pounds in compensation for breaches of their data.


We provide free no-obligation consultations to discuss the details of your case, and we can even take on your case on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means you can start your claim today without having to pay a penny, and it’s no risk as you won’t have to pay us anything if your claim is unsuccessful.


HNK has a team of expert solicitors who have years of experience in handling data breach claims. We understand the damage and distress that can be caused when your data is breached and will work hard to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. There are often strict time limits in place for making most data breach compensation claims, so if you think you have been the victim of a data breach, it is essential to act now.

Free Consultation

Contact HNK to arrange a free no-obligation consultation to discuss the details of your claim. We will provide honest, helpful advice on how to progress further.

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We can support you on a no-win, no-fee basis which means you won’t have to pay a penny until your case is won and your compensation has been awarded.

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Our solicitors are experts in pursuing data breach claims and have helped thousands of clients gain compensation for breaches of data.

When do I need to make a data breach claim?

Currently, you have up to six years to make a data breach claim and one year if it involves a breach of Human Rights. If you have been the victim of a data breach in the last six years, you could be entitled to make a data breach claim, so it is worth getting in touch today to find out.

It is important to note, however, that in some group action cases, the Court sets separate deadlines that cases need to be joined by. Therefore, it is important to act as soon as possible.

How much will it cost me to make a data breach claim?

When you make a data breach claim with HNK Solicitors, you won’t have to pay a penny upfront. We take on many cases on a no-win, no-fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful and would only pay a small percentage of your compensation once you’ve received it.

Who can I make a data breach claim against?

Any organisation, including public bodies and private companies, can be held accountable for a data breach, as can individuals. Any organisation that collects a significant amount of sensitive information about people has a legal obligation to store this data responsibly, and if they don’t, a claim can be made against them. The following are some examples of public and private bodies who may hold data about you:

Public bodies:
• The police
• The NHS
• Local authorities
• The government
• Her Majesty’s Court (HMCTS)

Private bodies:
• Airlines
• Social media companies
• Banks and building societies
• Ticket/Event companies
• Former/Current employers
• Online retailers

What should I do if I think my data has been breached?

If you think your data has been breached there are a number of things you should do. Firstly, if possible, find out what data has been breached so you can protect yourself. If any of your financial information has been breached, inform your bank immediately.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent data privacy regulator, imposes hefty fines on organisations that fail to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Details of any breaches are published on the ICO website, so you can check there to see if you may have been affected. If you hear a company has been fined for a data breach by the ICO and think you’ve been affected, you should seek legal advice straight away.

If you find out you have been the victim of a data breach and it’s not on the ICO website, you can report the breach to the ICO and make a complaint. They may then investigate, which could lead to the company receiving a fine however, this may not always be the case. Even if the ICO does not act, this doesn’t mean you can’t still make a data breach claim. Get in touch with HNK Solicitors today, and we’ll be able to give you advice on how to proceed and whether we think you have a case.

HNK will be able to assess whether you are entitled to claim for compensation. We can then pursue your case for you on a no-win-no-fee basis.

What can I make a data breach claim for?

Under GDPR, you have the right to claim compensation from an organisation for a data breach. This includes both “material damage”, such as loss of money if, for example, someone has stolen your bank account details and taken money out of your account, as well as “non-material damage” which includes damages for you suffering distress and inconvenience as a result of the breach.

You could be owed thousands for a breach of your data. Get in touch with HNK Solicitors today to start your claim.

How much compensation can I receive for a data breach claim?

The average amount of compensation you can receive for a data breach claim varies depending on the severity of the breach and the consequences on yourself. The best way to ensure you get every penny you’re entitled to is to use an expert data breach solicitor, as we understand the laws and regulations around data breaches so know exactly what you’ll be entitled to.

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_ MediaNPTGwent_ MediaNPTGwent
12:25 08 Sep 23
Have sought the help of Higgs Newton Kenyon Solicitors on a number of cases now, and they've been nothing but attentive and helpful at getting me the best outcome. Would highly recommend
Scott LPScott LP
15:09 26 Aug 23
They are lawyers, so $$$ is their only agenda and, thus, when we refused the offer of compensation in favour of a public apology, they ended up defending the perpetrators out of spite. Unethical is an understatement.
Courtney LvizCourtney Lviz
10:32 22 Aug 23
I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional service provided by Higgs Newton Kenyon solicitors. Their dedicated work and professionalism in handling my case led to a successful settlement that brought great relief. The team's commitment to excellence is truly impressive, and I appreciate their efforts. I highly recommend their services and am grateful for their support. Thank you, HNK solicitors!- Courtney LV
Anthony SmithAnthony Smith
01:43 26 Jul 23
I must have drawn the short straw if all these positive reviews are authentic.My own case was handled mainly by para legals. Who displayed very little skill, or real knowledge of the law, and definitely lacked any kind of commitment. I received only one phone call in the three years it took them to 'resolve ' my case.The treatment I received from this firm was barely adequate. If you are thinking of using HNK my advice is find someone else. Unless you don't mind wasting three years of your life for very little in the way of compensation.
Turner carlTurner carl
22:34 09 Jul 23
I've learned a lot from life. Even if you are decent, humble, and honest to guys, it doesn't guarantee that they will treat you similarly. I've been married to my spouse for about six years and didn't know he was cheating. I chose to confide in a friend after noticing some changes in his behavior, and they connected me with a hacker by the name of DAVID WILFRED. By remotely hacking and gaining access to his phone call log, Facebook, Messenger messages, phone texts, WhatsApp, Skype, database, and other items, this guy did an amazing and excellent work for me. You can get in touch with this active hacker at (digitaltechhacker @ gmail com).
Kelsea NaismithKelsea Naismith
21:21 03 Jul 23
My solicitors name was Micheal Wharton, he done an amazing job in helping me with my case. He treated me with empathy, respect, and compassion. He is very understanding and kept me up to date with any updates/changes every step of the way. His communication skills are amazing, and he made me feel at ease when talking about my case and reassured me when I was worried.I would highly recommend Micheal Wharton as your solicitor he is very good at what he does and is very professional at all times whilst providing excellent support and advice.I can't thank Micheal enough for everything he has done for me.
Steph McGowanSteph McGowan
13:24 26 Jun 23
Can’t thank Michael enough for doing what he has done for me, he kept updating me on what was happening with the case and I’m very happy with the outcome
Ellen BrownEllen Brown
08:39 31 May 23
Positive service. Treated me with kindness and respect. Didn't make me uncomfortable whilst doing their enquiries.Kept me in the loop at all times and helped me come to a decision that best suited me.Thank you to Michael Wharton for making the effort to help me :)
Al TommoAl Tommo
20:09 19 May 23
Very good service, couldn’t be happier with how they handled my claim and we also got justice and compensated rightly! 5 stars 10/10 does what it says on the tin thank you to the team at Hicks Newton Kenyon
06:45 13 May 23
I was arrested under suspicion of several offences (was not charged with any). This was very Concerning since I was a top law student at the time, gaining a mid 1st for my criminal law work and Human Rights work - The solicitor at this firm involved in my case against the Police clearly knew nothing about criminal law, evidence or HR’s. As none of it happened, I was merely acting within my human rights, hence why the CPS ordered the Police to drop the whole case against me, which they did and with NFA.The solicitor at this firm dealing with my matters should not be a solicitor, as she does not know the law! She was also extremely rude, would not allow me to speak (kept interrupting and talking over me ) was entitled and patronising!I think they updated me just twice in a year!! I will be reporting this firm to the SRA, who are their regulatory body. Absolutely disgusted and a disgrace to the profession.Yes, I was a real client of theirs and this is a bona fida review - I am not at any liberty to give my name, if I don’t wish to.
brian morhanbrian morhan
17:01 26 Apr 23
Absolutely brilliant. They kept me in the loop throughout the process. I am very happy with the result. Very professional team. I would 100 percent recommend them. Thank you Michael.
Gary JonesGary Jones
18:13 16 Mar 23
A rare combination of a very professional company coupled with excellent staff who are equally caring and understanding in their appraoch, brilliant.Highly recommended.
Dan MalcomDan Malcom
17:27 09 Mar 23
who is michelle mcmahonwhy is hnk solicitors Instagram account full of fake followers bot accounts and purchase to follow accountswhy does hnk solicitors most predominantly deal with cases involving white caucasian males and white caucasian females paying out more within the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands when white but if any other colour race or religion pays out lesshow much much does each solicitors at higgs newton kenyon solicitors make if most cases are worth £5000 with a waiting time of (12) twelve months
Ashley whitehouseAshley whitehouse
10:11 27 Feb 23
I was assaulted which was a bad experience and left me with a head scar. I decided to use Higgs Newton Kenyon and overall I was impressed with the service they provided me.I was happy with the outcome and I would definitely recommend them.
amber-marie shoemarkamber-marie shoemark
16:30 24 Feb 23
Highly recommend using higgs Newton Kenyon solicitors I most definitely got my justice I deserved could not of done it with out Michael support I got the support and help the very first day Michael got in contact with me and all the support carried on all the way to the last day
M EdgertonM Edgerton
13:29 30 Jan 23
I contacted Higgs Newton Kenyon over a distressing experience with the police and feeling very vulnerable. Lynne Hughes helped me with my case and was really understanding and empathetic. It meant a lot to have someone speak for me and the outcome of the case was better than I expected. Thanks to their service I have been able to put this experience behind me and move on.Would recommend.
Charlie AbbottCharlie Abbott
10:17 30 Jan 23
I received a fantastic, professional service from start to finish. Most importantly I got the justice I deserved due to the hard work of my case handler Lyne Hughes. I would highly recommend Higgs Newton Kenyon Solicitors.
Aaron McLeodAaron McLeod
18:34 15 Nov 22
Fantastic solicitors, they explained everything to me in great detail, I understood everything they said, always kind and well mannered on the phone and email, great experience with them. Will definitely use them again if need be in the future.
Funandplayful carmellaFunandplayful carmella
17:48 10 Nov 22
Highly professional & thorough. I'm very happy with the service this firm provided & empathy shown & seeking justice on our behalf thank you for all that worked on my case especially Mrs L Hughes.
robin mohamedrobin mohamed
18:27 18 Oct 22
Higgs Newton Kenyon took on my case when others had said they would not. The Paralegal kept me updated as things progressed and I am very impressed with the outcome and the overall handling of my case.Once again thank you for your services and I would highly recommend.
Wonders of LondonWonders of London
08:53 23 Sep 22
They helped us with a claim against police for false imprisonment (stop and search). Very happy with the level of service provided and with the settlement achieved. We will now use the money we got to help someone in need here in London.
yard skiyard ski
12:33 23 Jul 22
I would recommend HNK solicitors as they offer a first class professional service. Call back's and emails to update me with my case and the staff were excellent. Thank you Helen and the team.
Mohammed AbdelmoniemMohammed Abdelmoniem
16:29 11 Jan 22
Absolutely an amazing firm and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a similar case. I was wrongfully arrested for a crime that I did not do and I approached this firm HNK Solictors for some help and support. After viewing all the evidence, they took the case on. It took a year for the amazing good news to come out. Their hard work and dedication including their professional skills and expertise, has given me the result that I was hoping for. Vivian Lee was amazing and her professional manner in which she dealt with me and the case was remarkable. Well done, Vivian and keep up the good work. Fantastic work!
Ansar HussainAnsar Hussain
15:16 24 Nov 21
Absolutely amazing firm took my case on against the police after wrongful arrest and detention. They were very professional,informative and efficient. As I was advised by them that I had a strong chance of success and success is what they delivered. Jessica Smith thank you for all your hard work.
Maddox XxMaddox Xx
12:03 23 Nov 21
Brilliant Firm and people to deal with, Jessica and the team were professional, i could not thank them enough for resolving my case in a timely manner and keeping me updated through out the whole process. Highly recommend them
Jon BarnesJon Barnes
23:17 17 Nov 21
Like to say thank you to the team who help win the case against the police. Very efficient and professional. I will definitely recommend 👌
Vickie WatsonVickie Watson
01:38 12 Nov 21
Great solicitors. Michael was very helpful and friendly and I would like to say thank you for his help. Definitely recommend these solicitors. Thank you 🙂🙂
Ciara BeveridgeCiara Beveridge
11:31 10 Nov 21
Very quick to get everything sorted. Would phone me and update me on the progress. Highly recommend
christine stockwellchristine stockwell
07:26 30 Sep 21
Higgs Newton Kenyon Solicitors have been brilliant even through the pandemic, it must be hard to do, they are very informative all the time great value and kind thank you
Frances SJ FinchFrances SJ Finch
10:04 28 Sep 21
I can’t quite put into words how brilliant these solicitors are, they provide a fantastic service and are very gentle when discussing sensitive subjects. Michael has been so incredibly helpful and I would like to send him a massive thanks for everything he has done for me. The receptionist has always also been very polite, friendly and welcoming and I would also like to thank her for supplying a kind atmosphere whenever I have needed to contact the team.
Danny OwenDanny Owen
14:12 09 Aug 21
Highly recommended, I had a claim against the police for an unlawful stop and search and false imprisonment which was has been settled with compensation. I had to put very little effort in and I was kept continually up to date. Vivien Lee dealing with my case could not have been more polite professional and helpful. I won’t be using anyone other than HNK solicitors from now on.
Arome akuboArome akubo
20:34 04 Aug 21
These guys practically won me some cash from BA data breach case. They initiated it and executed it with utmost professionalism without me breaking a sweat. I fully recommend them without any reservations.
Stephen JohnsonStephen Johnson
19:02 02 Aug 21
Absolutely amazing helped me get a good result against merseyside police. very quick and professional definitely would recommend them to anyone will use again ..thank you guys
Tuyet OlvestedtTuyet Olvestedt
10:06 14 Jul 21
Very attentive and thorough service.They communicate regularly and clearly via phone and email. Would absolutely recommend them.Many thanks
Marie Louise RothwellMarie Louise Rothwell
10:51 05 Jul 21
I am very happy with the service I got they were ever so good at dealing with my matter and very polite. They were also very helpful with giving me great advice I would definitely use their services again in the near future I am very happy with the outcome of my case
Stephen StrattonStephen Stratton
10:09 28 Jun 21
Following repeated violations and data protections concerns by the police I was able to secure a settlement which I am very happy with. Demi and her team were helpful, professional and informative throughout. I would highly recommend contacting HNK Solicitors for initial advice with any legal matters.
Sandra WilliamsSandra Williams
11:26 23 Jun 21
After a very Violated experience with the police, my solicitor Demi was there step by step, keeping me up to date with everything. If I ever needed Higgs Newton Kenyon I again I wouldn't hesitate to contact them. Thank you.
Jason PatrickJason Patrick
19:46 10 May 21
I would highly recommend this firm. They have acted on my behalf twice now and have successfully won compensation for both cases. They are a very professional team of solicitors with expansive knowledge of the law. If you want a good result with sound honest advice, then this firm is in my opinion one the best and not afraid to challenge injustice.Thank you,Yours sincerelyJason Patrick
Lauren Jade DouganLauren Jade Dougan
12:47 20 Apr 21
This firm is absolutely amazing. I have been so pleased with how my case was handled and the solicitors kept me informed every step of the way. I am also very pleased with the outcome. I would definitely recommend this firm to anybody.
frederick moorefrederick moore
20:07 08 Apr 21
Excellent company to deal with. Highly professional, responsive to client needs and very thorough. Would recommend.
Megan MaloneyMegan Maloney
14:05 08 Mar 21
So happy with my results worked with Micheal he won my case couldn’t be any more professional at what he does so happy With the outcome thank you so much Micheal .
Charmaine GalleyCharmaine Galley
14:11 07 Sep 20
I can't thank you all enough for the hard work you put into my case. I'm so very grateful xxx
Jeepaz Creepaz MusicJeepaz Creepaz Music
09:45 25 Aug 20
Our go to when one of your artist was wrongfully arrested by the police. They helped us to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.
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