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HNK successfully obtains £28,000 for pedestrian involved in a Road Traffic Accident

According to the Department of Transport, there were a reported 1,784 road deaths in 2018 and a further 25,511 serious injuries from road traffic accidents reported to the police in the same year. Altogether there was a total of 160,597 casualties of all severities in reported road traffic accidents. This does not include cases that weren’t reported to the police. Those that have been in a road traffic accident and suffered injury through no fault of their own, have the right to claim compensation.

Over half of road deaths occur in vulnerable road users, this includes pedestrians, pedal cyclists, and motorcyclists. In 2017, 470 pedestrians were killed in road traffic accidents and there was a total of 23,805 pedestrian casualties. Pedestrians who are hit by cars often sustain extensive injuries and are therefore in many cases entitled to claim large sums of compensation. HNK has years of experience in handling road traffic accident cases, particularly in cases where a pedestrian was hit.

Road Traffic Accident Case Study

We have recently acted on behalf of Mrs. S, who we successfully obtained £28,010 worth of compensation for after she was injured in a road traffic accident. Mrs. S was crossing the road using a pedestrian crossing when a stationary vehicle moved forward and collided directly with her. This accident left her with several injuries and led to her developing an anxiety disorder.

Making the Road Traffic Accident claim

The Defendant’s insurer admitted liability and causation for this incident but due to the nature of the Claimant’s injuries and the amount sustained, extensive medical evidence needed to be obtained. To properly assess the Claimant’s injuries, both physical and psychological, we obtained the relevant GP and hospital records, together with the Claimant’s x-rays, to present as evidence.

Initially, Mrs. S was examined by a GP who confirmed that as a result of this road traffic accident she has sustained pain and stiffness to the neck, shoulders, lower back, left knee and left hip as well as some general psychological issues. The GP then recommended that Mrs. S undertake specialist examinations with both an Orthopaedic expert and psychologist.

Following the psychologist’s examination, it was documented that Mrs. S had developed a number of psychological difficulties following the accident, including stress, depression, and anxiety. It was concluded that Mrs. S had developed a generalised anxiety disorder that was fully attributable to the accident. Treatment was recommended in the form of eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing treatment (“EMDR”) to aid the Claimant’s recovery.

The psychologist report was disclosed to the Defendant in order to agree on treatment expenses and avoid putting Mrs. S at risk of being liable for the cost of the same. At this point, the specialist medical report from the Orthopaedic surgeon was still outstanding. However, the Defendant chose to make a part 36 offer to settle the matter in the sum of £28,010, in an attempt to settle the case at this stage without the inherent cost of treatment.

However, we also had to advise her of the potential risk of rejecting the offer and the orthopaedic expert providing a prognosis period which would result in her receiving less compensation than that offered.  Factors such as past medical conditions are something that would be taken into account, and because she did have a past medical history, we could not guarantee she would receive more compensation than currently offered. Therefore, after taking this into consideration Mrs. S accepted the offer of £28,010 as full and final settlement.

How HNK can help if you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident

We have a team of expert solicitors who specialise in Road Traffic Accident cases. Whether you were a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian we have the knowledge and experience to successfully fight for your compensation and ensure you are awarded the amount deserve.

We understand that a road traffic accident can have a huge impact on your life, causing both painful physical injuries and long-term psychological suffering. Therefore, we can ensure you have access to the best quality medical care and treatment to aid your rehabilitation and work tirelessly to offer round the clock care and support to help you adapt and look to the future. If you have ever been involved in a road traffic accident contact our specialist road traffic accident department via telephone on 0151 203 1104 or email, to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

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