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When you hand your personal data over to an organisation, you expect them to keep it safe. Multiple laws are in place to ensure that companies and public bodies protect your private information. Despite this, it’s becoming increasingly common to become the victim of a...
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The Royal Mail had to take down its Click & Drop service on the 1st of November after a data breach resulted in customers being able to see other users’ information. At 1 pm, customers began to report seeing details of people’s orders, customer’s details, and business’s...
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If you are stopped by the police and searched, the officers are required by law to follow a particular set of rules and observe your rights. If they fail to do so, the search is unlawful, and you could be entitled to compensation. Becoming aware...
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A Merseyside police officer was left no choice but to resign after he accidentally recorded himself shouting racist abuse at his TV during a news segment featuring a black person. The disgraced former officer sent the incriminating voice note to a fellow police officer who...
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At HNK Solicitors, we have a highly specialised and committed team dedicated to pursuing civil actions against the police. We have handled hundreds of claims against the police and successfully helped innocent victims reach settlements in a variety of cases, including unlawful arrests, illegal stop...
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