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Police car lights at night time infront of lit up building
In recent years, distrust in the police has grown, almost reaching a fever point last year after the murder of Sarah Everard by Wayne Couzens, a Met police officer, and the tone-deaf mismanagement of the vigil that followed. A YouGov poll from late 2021 found...
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The police are tangled in countless policy documents, regulations and legislation, dictating how they can and cannot behave. However, despite an abundance of guidance, they aren’t error-free. On occasion, this leads to the mistreatment of the public they are there to protect. As a result,...
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Discovering that your personal information has been manipulated, stolen or lost in a data protection breach is upsetting and stressful. Determining what was taken, by whom, where your data is now, and what impact it will have on your life isn’t a pleasant experience. However,...
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A man is typing on a laptop. A graphic contain a locked icon and the words "Data Protection" are overlaid on the image.
When you give your personal information to an organisation, whether that’s an employer, the NHS, an airline, or a bank, they are expected to guard those details against becoming public knowledge. The Data Protection Act (2018) states that any company or public body that stores sensitive information...
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Image of a keyboard with a malicious prosecution button about to be pressed
It is an unfortunate effect of the legal system that occasionally, someone may find themselves wrongfully accused of a crime or, through some mistake or failing on the part of the prosecutor, even arrested or imprisoned. While this can be devastating to the victim, it...
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Police car lights at night time infront of lit up building
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