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August 2021
A person going through a difficult time deciding to search what is victim support and how can it help.
Victims of violent crime can experience serious and long-lasting consequences. Aside from the physical and mental injuries resulting from the incident, violent crime can also have an impact on your career and your personal relationships. For this reason, victims require extensive support to help them recover and to move on with their lives. This is...
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Do you have to attend a voluntary police interview
If you have been asked to attend a voluntary police interview, you may understandably feel anxious and worried. You may be concerned about where it will lead, and if you are facing criminal charges. Though you may have some idea of what they want to speak with you about, on the other hand, you may...
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The outside of the Boots store.
Many retailers offer reward schemes to their customers, allowing frequent purchasers to claim discounts and other benefits. This is obviously great for you as a customer, but it doesn’t come without certain risks. In order to amass these rewards, you’ll usually need to set up an account. And as with any system based around digital...
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A Ford Ranger police car in a car park overlooking bushes.
Cases of police misconduct can be shocking to read about, and understandably so. After all, we expect police officers to help us to stay safe and secure. Their role is to uphold the law and to protect us from those who break it. Police misconduct represents a fundamental failure to meet these expectations. The consequences...
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A black and white image of a stethescope showing what do victim support do
Violent crime can have a profound impact on those affected by it. The victims, their families, and even those who witnessed the incident can all experience physical and psychological consequences. That is why those affected need all the support they can get. This includes the help provided by charities such as Victim Support, as well...
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