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September 2021
Image of the back of two Police officers, the one in the foreground has his back to the camera showing his hi-vis yellow police vest with the writing police on the back.
We were shocked at the CCTV footage released of a Merseyside Police Officer attacking a 10-year-old boy with severe autism. A recent report in the Liverpool Echo featuring the footage and outlining the details of the attack was condemned as ‘sickening’ by people across the city. The details of the attack by the Merseyside Police...
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The prospect of a police interview can be extremely worrying – all the more so if you don’t know what to expect. A basic understanding of what happens at a police interview can help you stay calm and avoid unnecessary distress if you are expected to attend one. However, it’s also important to recognise that...
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The British Airways Data Breach
HNK Solicitors are pleased to announce a resolution to litigation pursued against British Airways following a 2018 data breach. Though the terms of the resolution are confidential, it nonetheless represents a major success for those affected. Last year, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) concluded that the breach represented a significant failure on BA’s part when...
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An iPhone and a MacBook laptop showing what constitutes a data breach.
Data breaches are now a near-constant feature of the news cycle. At the end of July, for instance, Amazon made headlines after being issued an astonishing £636m fine for allegedly breaching EU data protection laws – a charge that Amazon vehemently denies. Just one week earlier, Saudi Aramco, the world’s most valuable oil producer, confirmed...
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