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January 2022
Blue light flashes on top of car with police in background for a blog outlining do you have to stop for an unmarked police car
Being flashed by an unmarked car can be a worrying experience. Sometimes there’s no way of seeing who is in the car, or maybe you’re in a secluded area and don’t feel safe stopping. You may wonder do you have to stop for an unmarked police car, even when you can’t see who is driving....
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Police arresting a young man for blog explaining what do police say when they arrest you
The Miranda warning (or Miranda rights) is the first thing you think of when wondering “what do police say when they arrest you?” However, this is the US version of what we know as the police caution. In the UK, we have similar laws when it comes to your rights to remain silent. This is also known...
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Image of a man working on a laptop with various padlock icons to indicate a data breach on blog about can data be shared without permission.
Discovering that your personal information has been shared without your permission can be deeply upsetting. In the case of more sensitive information, the impact of such an incident can be significant and long-lasting, affecting your health, your financial situation, and your personal relationships. Unfortunately, this is a prospect we all have to be concerned about...
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At HNK Solicitors, we have a highly experienced and dedicated team for action against the police. We help clients claim compensation when they have suffered from police misconduct or mistreatment whilst under custody of the police, including unlawful arrest. In a recent claim, HNK managed to secure a £22,000 pay-out to a client who was...
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Colour image of a man wearing handcuffs being arrested and placed in the back of a police car by a police officer
HNK Solicitors have a dedicated action against the police case handling team, with experience of handling hundreds of successful civil action claims. These cover a wide variety of cases ranging from unlawful stop and search, to unlawful arrest. Our team is highly experienced in helping clients claim compensation after they have suffered police misconduct or...
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If you’ve never been detained by the police, it’s unlikely you are aware of your rights when it comes to police detention in England and Wales. Understanding your rights when in custody of the police can help you stay calm and follow the right procedures if it ever occurs. This includes knowing how long can...
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