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May 2020
Close up photograph of woman holding her hands to her head and experiencing psychological pain
  When most people think of an injury, they would usually think of something like a broken leg, a burn, or even the loss of a limb. More often than not they will be thinking about a physical injury that is visible to others. However, after being involved in an accident or traumatic event people...
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Photograph of woman on helpline for victims of domestic abuse
Evidence from domestic abuse charities has indicated that incidents of domestic abuse have increased significantly during the coronavirus lockdown. This is worrying to think as many victims are isolated at home with their perpetrators and are unable to access the help, or support they need.   Domestic abuse killings double the national average According to...
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Close up of a personal injury claim form resting next to some glasses, a pen and a calculator
    HNK Solicitors is a specialist civil litigation law firm. Our solicitors are multi-disciplined and have years of experience in handling a variety of personal injury claims. If you have ever been injured at work, through a slip, trip, or fall on the street in a shop or any other public place, or in...
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Arial view of the docks at Liverpool
  It was recently reported that Liverpool City Council will be trialling a newly devised pedestrian crossing at two accident blackspots across the city. Designed by Liverpool behavioural science firm So-Mo, the new ‘smart’ pedestrian crossings were devised to try cut down on pedestrian road deaths. These new crossings will help pedestrians to cross the...
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