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June 2021
Two police officers in high-visibility vests facing away from the camera in a train station.
The prospect of being arrested is not a pleasant one. Regardless of the outcome, arrest itself can have a significant, negative impact on those subjected to it. As well as potentially affecting your reputation or future job opportunities, it can be a traumatic experience with consequences for your mental and physical health. However, for this...
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White banner with the text HNK Solicitors Data Protection Breach Solicitors How can we help you? written alongside a colour image of a woman typing on a laptop which says 'data protection' on the screen, and holding a white smart phone in her left hand with a syncing image on the front
Losing control of your personal data can be a deeply unpleasant experience. The invasion of your privacy is painful enough by itself, but there can also be significant financial and health implications. The exposure of your data can cause long-lasting damage. Nevertheless, today there are more companies with access to our personal information than ever...
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