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A close up image of the side of a police car with yellow and blue highlights and the word "police" in capitals.
Police officers are granted substantial powers to enable them to carry out their duties. It is vital that they use these powers responsibly and with care. When police officers fail to live up to the responsibilities and expectations of their role, the impact on those affected can be significant. Police misconduct can lead to a...
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Bailiff threatening to evict woman during COVID-19
Thousands of people each year experience unlawful bailiff entry. Many people do not know what to say, how to deal with the situation or how to make a complaint about the way they have been treated. HNK Solicitors can help and we have put together this article to explain your rights and what to know...
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Young woman in a neckbrace and wheelchair visiting doctor after loss of earning accident
One of the most stressful aspects of being involved in an accident is usually having to take some time off work, especially for those who are not entitled to sick pay from their company. The absence is usually immediately following the accident when symptoms are more severe, but in some cases, time off can also...
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    It has been reported that the Met Police have increased their use of section 60 stop and search during the coronavirus lockdown, despite a fall in crime during this period. In May 2020, data shows the Metropolitan Police stopped and searched 1,418 people under section 60, which is more than double the number...
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