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June 2020
Statue of justice against a blurred background of books
What is malicious prosecution? Malicious prosecution is when the police pursue a prosecution against a person without reasonable cause. If you have been prosecuted by the Police and Crown Prosecution Service but were subsequently found not guilty, you may be entitled to claim compensation for malicious prosecution. Malicious prosecution can have a devastating effect on...
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Photograph of an arrested man being wrongfully interrogated in a dim room
Being the victim of a wrongful arrest can be traumatic, embarrassing, and leave you feeling angry. A wrongful arrest can also lead to long-term damage to a person’s reputation and lead to both physical and psychological injury. There must be a lawful reason for police to make an arrest, and an arrest should only be...
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right to protest uk
The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 (‘the regulations’) imposed various regulations to combat the spread of Covid-19. From the end of March until 31st May 2020, it was prohibited to have gatherings with more than 3 people in a public place. The police forces across England and Wales had powers to disperse and...
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A padlock on a laptop resting next to a stethoscope to signify a data breach of medical information
In October 2018, HNK Solicitors were approached by a client ‘K’ who had been the victim of a breach of data protection after Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (the Defendant) had released personal medical information to the Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police (CCSP), without K’s permission. HNK Solicitors are specialists in pursuing data breach protection...
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Man with broken hand filling in a work injury claim
  Unfortunately, accidents at work happen often, but instead of making a personal injury claim, many employees delay claiming compensation from their work for a multitude of reasons. We are going to explore the reasons that we often see, why employees delay making an accident at work claims, and why this could be harmful in...
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