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August 2022
HNK Solicitors understand how important it is for your private information to stay private. Whether you’re giving sensitive data to your employer, a private company, or the police, you expect them to take the utmost care to protect the information. However, sometimes the data is misused, lost, stolen or inaccurately recorded, with wide-reaching consequences. We...
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Discovering that your personal information has been manipulated, stolen or lost in a data protection breach is upsetting and stressful. Determining what was taken, by whom, where your data is now, and what impact it will have on your life isn’t a pleasant experience. However, with this simple guide, finding out what your next steps...
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A man is typing on a laptop. A graphic contain a locked icon and the words "Data Protection" are overlaid on the image.
When you give your personal information to an organisation, whether that’s an employer, the NHS, an airline, or a bank, they are expected to guard those details against becoming public knowledge. The Data Protection Act (2018) states that any company or public body that stores sensitive information must do so responsibly, and any failure to oblige can...
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