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November 2021
Colour image of blue and white police tape across a road, the tape reads 'police line do not cross'
The police commissioner for North Yorkshire was highly criticised and urged to resign for saying murder victim Sarah Everard should not have ‘submitted’ to a false arrest and adding that women “need to be streetwise” about the powers that police officers have. North Yorkshire Police Commissioner, Phillip Allott, was criticised for comments he made when...
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A group of 850 professional footballers led by former Cardiff City and Leyton Orient manager Russell Slade are demanding compensation for use of their personal data by a range of sports data, betting, and entertainment companies. Under the name Project Red Card, the group claims that the companies’ use of a wide range of identifiable...
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A recent ruling by a judge at Oxford County Court may have major implications for the use of smart doorbells in the UK. The ruling highlights the fact that motion-enabled recordings – of the kind allowed by many of the most popular smart doorbells – can lead to invasions of privacy. What is more, the...
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