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May 2022
medical data breach concept image, a stethoscope lying on a laptop keyboard
GP surgeries, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, opticians and other medical organisations hold very personal information about their patients. The sensitive patient information you provide must be kept up to date and stored safely so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands and it is the medical service provider’s responsibility to do this. While this is...
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UK police stand surveying train station for blog about compensation for damage caused by police.
If you’re wondering how to claim compensation for damage caused by police, HNK Solicitors have a detailed breakdown of what to expect. HNK have extensive experience dealing with civil actions against the police and winning clients the compensation they deserve. The police are responsible for enforcing the law, preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities, and...
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The High Court has ruled that the Metropolitan Police (“The Met”) breached the rights of organisers of a vigil for Sarah Everard in March last year. The organisers withdrew from the planned vigil after being told by the Met that they would face fines and potential prosecution if it went ahead. Speaking on behalf of...
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