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November 2023
A picture of a metal padlock locking a bright turquoise door.
Losing control of your personal data can be a deeply upsetting experience. Having your private information exposed against your will isn’t just a breach of your trust – it can also have a significant impact on your life, leading to financial losses, identity fraud, and mental distress. With this in mind, it’s important to be...
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Picture of a woman sat at a desk looking distressed holding her hands to her temples. In front of her on the desk is a computer which has a warning message on the screen stating "Your personal files are encrypted. Make a payment or private key will be destroyed in 12 hours".
It was recently reported that several data breaches have taken place that have put domestic abuse victims at risk as their locations were disclosed to their alleged abusers. The breaches occurred at organisations including a law firm, a housing association, an NHS trust, a police service, a government department and local councils. The Information Commissioners Office...
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A picture of the back of a female Metropolitan police officer wearing a black police hat and a high-visibility neon green jacket with "Metropolitan Police" written on the back of it.
HNK Solicitors successfully obtained £13,000 in damages and legal costs for a client against The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police for false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and trespass to person. Our client , who will be referred to as “C”, claimed that they were falsely arrested with no explanation as to why and were...
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Picture of a shadowed woman looking distressed, holding her head in her hand
Earlier this year, HNK Solicitors helped a client, who will be referred to as “Ms A” secure £11,000 for a Criminal Injuries Compensation claim. This was the highest possible reward that could be obtained from a case of this kind. In this case study, we’ll discuss the details of our client’s claim, how we helped...
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Picture of an open padlock on a keyboard
Data breaches can have enormous consequences for those affected. If your sensitive personal data ends up in the wrong hands, it can lead to anything from financial losses to reputational damage and even mental health issues. This is part of the reason why we’re seeing such large fines being issued against organisations that do not...
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Security concept image, three padlocks lined up next to each other from small to large with a metal chain running through them.
In this increasingly digitised world, many of our most common interactions take place online. From doing the weekly shop to making a GP appointment, many of us will turn to an app if we have the option. However convenient this may be, it isn’t without its downsides. Our reliance on online services means we are...
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Photograph of Metropolitan Police officers stood together wearing high-vis police jackets
Earlier this year, it was reported that five Metropolitan police officers faced being sacked after they handcuffed Team GB sprinter Bianca Williams and her partner in front of their newborn baby during a stop-and-search. At the time, they all denied gross misconduct. However, in late October 2023, two of the police officers were sacked after being...
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