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August 2020
Image of male dentist giving female patient dental treatment in a brightly lit room
  The British Dental Association has recently announced to its members that on the 30th of July they suffered a data breach after hackers attacked their servers. They say they are still not sure exactly what was accessed but they fear that dentists’ bank account numbers and correspondence with a trade body have been stolen...
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    It has been reported that the Met Police have increased their use of section 60 stop and search during the coronavirus lockdown, despite a fall in crime during this period. In May 2020, data shows the Metropolitan Police stopped and searched 1,418 people under section 60, which is more than double the number...
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Photograph of man at down on the road with his head in his hands after a car crash accident in the background
Being involved in a car crash or road traffic incident is something that all drivers dread, but it is more common than you think. All of us have probably heard horror stories about different drivers who have been involved in crashes but haven’t received all of the other driver’s information about their insurance. A lot...
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