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February 2022
Met police stop and search man for blog about do you have to tell police your name in the UK?
It can be confusing what powers police have on the street and whether you have to give out personal information when asked. In previous case studies, we’ve discussed the certain procedures police must go through when performing a stop and search, but today we’ll answer the question ‘do you have to tell police your name...
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Armed officers await entry of residential house in blog about can police enter your home in the uk?
It goes without saying that you should feel safe in your own home. We put things into place to ensure our safety all the time, from CCTV and interactive doorbells to intruder alarms. But nothing can prepare us for law enforcement entering a property without our consent. It’s important to know when can police enter...
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At HNK Solicitors we understand how important data protection is. There are times when we must give out personal data, including our names, addresses and bank details to make purchases and trust that it is kept safe. This information is covered by the UK General Data Protection Regulation. Misusing or releasing personal data of a...
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Female detective questions male in dark room for blog post about 'can you refuse a police interview in the UK?'
One major question that comes up when someone is invited to a police interview is ‘can you refuse a police interview in England and Wales?’ If you have been asked to attend a voluntary interview with the police, you may be wondering exactly what it is, what you need to do to protect yourself and...
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Actions against the police case finally receives apology from Scotland Yard Scotland Yard sign stands in front of building.
Content Warning // This post discusses police abuse, excessive force and examples of derogatory and sexist comments/actions that some people may find traumatising or difficult to read.   Scotland yard finally issued an apology to University lecturer Dr Konstancja Duff after she was disrespectfully stripped and searched for handing a young boy information about his...
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