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October 2020
Three UK COVID tier systems demonstrated by an three maps of the UK coloured orange, red and a deeper red
The government has recently introduced a new system of ‘Local COVID alert levels’ in England. These local alert levels consist of three tiers – 1 medium, 2 high, and 3 very high. This system has seen different parts of the country placed into different categories depending on the rates of infection, with the areas with...
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Blurred photograph of group of people having an illegal covid house party
Coming home to find a teenage party has been gatecrashed by dozens of drunk people their child does not know is every parent’s nightmare. But one 18-year-old had to contend with much more than a telling-off from his parents: he was fined £10,000 for flouting coronavirus restrictions after police had to break up a party...
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Close-up of an airplane on a runway
British Airways fined £20 million Today it has been reported that British Airways has been fined £20 million by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for the data breach in which hundreds of thousands of customers personal information was compromised. The BA data breach, which took place in 2018, affected over 400,000 customers, and the information...
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Man in a leg cast and wheelchair receiving compensation for injury and medical assistance
When advising clients how much their personal injury claim is worth, often we hear many people say something along the lines of, “I know someone who had the same injury that received a lot more than that!”. Often, they can be right. Which may sound surprising; however, every case is different and similar injuries may...
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Photograph of Manchester Metropolitan student in COVID mask on campus during lockdown
A large rise in coronavirus cases in recent weeks has led to thousands of students in universities such as Manchester Metropolitan, Edinburgh, Leeds, Exeter, and Dundee being forced into isolation. Last week, it was reported that around 1,700 students in Manchester Met University were sent an email by the university telling them they must enter...
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Road traffic accident
No matter how good or careful of a driver you are, the chances are, at some point, you will be involved in a road traffic accident, whether this is as a driver, a passenger, a cyclist, a pedestrian, or a motorcyclist. We have put together the following guide to provide you with helpful information about...
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Man in medical scrubs holding a positive coronavirus blood test towards the camera
Public Health Wales has confirmed it has been subject to a data breach in which thousands of Welsh residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 have had their personal details breached. The incident occurred on 30 August 2020, when the personal data of 18,015 Welsh residents who have tested positive for coronavirus was uploaded to...
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