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data protection claims
General Data Protection Regulation sign with padlock symbol and eu stars for blog about types of data breaches.
Every day we encounter technology that uses our personal data. Whether it’s on our Facebook profiles, making payments on Amazon or entering our home address into Deliveroo. There are so many reasons we may give out our personal information consensually, but this means we are also susceptible to the many different types of data breaches...
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Image of a man working on a laptop with various padlock icons to indicate a data breach on blog about can data be shared without permission.
Discovering that your personal information has been shared without your permission can be deeply upsetting. In the case of more sensitive information, the impact of such an incident can be significant and long-lasting, affecting your health, your financial situation, and your personal relationships. Unfortunately, this is a prospect we all have to be concerned about...
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Man in medical scrubs holding a positive coronavirus blood test towards the camera
Public Health Wales has confirmed it has been subject to a data breach in which thousands of Welsh residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 have had their personal details breached. The incident occurred on 30 August 2020, when the personal data of 18,015 Welsh residents who have tested positive for coronavirus was uploaded to...
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