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Case Study: Data Protection Claims
Data breach concept image, a laptop on a table with a warning symbol on screen and white text saying data breach
Recently, HNK Solicitors acted on behalf of a client, who will be referred to as SH, in a data breach claim against Cheshire East Council. The data breach occurred after SH was subject to an anonymous complaint regarding their children. Although the complaint was not upheld, during the initial investigation Cheshire East Council, the Defendant,...
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Often there are time we must give out our personal data, such as when starting a new job. When we do so, we trust that the organisation we are supplying this data to keeps it safe and handles it properly. Companies have a legal obligation to store your personal data safely, ensure it is kept...
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At HNK Solicitors we understand how important data protection is. There are times when we must give out personal data, including our names, addresses and bank details to make purchases and trust that it is kept safe. This information is covered by the UK General Data Protection Regulation. Misusing or releasing personal data of a...
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Graphic of a compter with a red warning symbol on the screen aginsta blue background
Here at HNK Solicitors, we have extensive experience with data breach cases. We have supported many clients who have been negatively impacted by the misuse of their personal information to seek the compensation they deserve. As a result, we understand the long-lasting and significant consequences this can have. Safeguarding your personal information is particularly important...
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A police van parked on an empty street with houses visible in the background.
Here at HNK, our solicitors have extensive experience in pursuing both data breach claims and civil actions against the police. In some cases, these two areas of expertise combine. Indeed, this is perhaps unsurprising. The police retain a great deal of sensitive information and thus must take extra care to ensure its appropriate storage. The...
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A padlock on a laptop resting next to a stethoscope to signify a data breach of medical information
In October 2018, HNK Solicitors were approached by a client ‘K’ who had been the victim of a breach of data protection after Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (the Defendant) had released personal medical information to the Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police (CCSP), without K’s permission. HNK Solicitors are specialists in pursuing data breach protection...
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Graphic of a data breach occurring whilst a woman is sat at her laptop
You have the legal right to have your personal information, held by any public or private organisation, kept safe and secure. Many people think that data protection claims can only be made against private bodies such as an online retailer or airline, after a data hack. However, this is not the case. Public bodies including...
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